Q: How much is the shipping cost to my location?

A: We provide free shipping service for the shipment of our products to all regions in Indonesia.


Q: Can I return the goods that I purchased?

A: You can return manual brewing or non-beverage goods under several conditions. However, beverage such as Single Origin, Espresso Blend and Other Product is nonreturnable. For more information about returning products, refer to Term and Condition.


Q: When is the roasting date of the coffee that I purchased?

A: You can inquire the roasting dates of Espresso Blend, Other Product and Signature Beverage products by sending an email to: sales@epiccoffee.co.id.


Q: Can I ask for an express shipping service?

A: Yes, you can, but you will be charged with full shipping service cost. For more information, please call +62 274–4530704. Terms and conditions for the express service are in accordance with the shipping line.


Q: What types of coffee that is currently available?

A: For more information about the available coffee, please visit www.epiccoffee.co.id.


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Q: Apakah saya harus keluarkan biaya kirim?

A: Biaya kirim gratis ke seluruh wilayah di Indonesia.


Q: Apakah barang yang saya beli bisa diretur?

A: Untuk manual breawing atau barang non beverages bisa diretur dengan beberapa ketentuan. Akan tetapi untuk product beverages seperti Single Origin, Espresso Blend dan Signature Beverages tidak bisa. Selengkapnya tentang pengembalian product dapat di baca di menu Term and Condition.


Q: Kapan roasting date untuk kopi yang saya beli ?

A: Roasting date Espresso Blend, Single Origin dan Other Product bisa ditanyakan melalui email sales@epiccoffee.co.id.


Q: Apakah saya bisa menggunakan layanan express untuk pengiriman?

A: Bisa, tetapi untuk permintaan layanan express atau kilat biaya sepenuhnya dibebankan kepada customer. Customer bisa menghubungi nomor +62 274–4530704 untuk ketentuan lebih lanjut. Syarat dan ketentuan layanan express mengikuti shipping line.


Q: Kopi apa saja yang saat ini ready stock ?

A: Untuk informasi kopi yang ready stock, silahkan kunjungi web online kami di www.epiccoffee.co.id.