The Coffee Shop

We opened in September 2013, Epic Coffee located in Yogyakarta Indonesia.
Epic Coffee deciphers the long and remarkable story about coffee.
It's journey from the coffee beans until the brews reaches your table, providing you and
entertaining englightenment of Indonesia Coffees.
We strive to provide our community with a comfortable place to enjoy a
great a cup coffee, light meal, or a refreshing fruit smoothie, after
day in the hustle and bustle of Yogya streets.

A unique coffee shop experience, with an industrial look design
combined with cozy vintage furniture make Epic Coffee the perfect spot
for hanging out or getting down to business.
At Epic Coffee you will find more than just great coffee and excellence
service, we also offer you our collection of timeless furniture and
home accessories designs under the same roof with Epic Coffee,
Epilog Furniture,

So whether you fancy a break from the shopping or to have a light lunch
or dinner with friends, we'll always be pleased to see you.

Our team is supported by passionate Baristas and Chefs, they are truly
craftsmen who are mastering the art of making good coffee and food,
the way it was meant to be made. Delivering the best product and
service to our customers satisfaction is our mission.
Come and visit us: experience our never ending story about
coffee and feel free to.

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