The Coffee Story

Epic Coffee - Coffee Story
To get a cup of coffee, it must pass through a number of stages,
Namely, the harvesting, pulp and skin removal, grading, roasting, grinding and brewing.
It is such a long journey.
Have a sip and let the coffee tell the story

The Story Starts Here :

In 2013, our Founder, Aji, has taken his passion for coffee into business, by setting up a coffee shop and a coffee roaster called Epic Coffee in Yogyakarta.

This photo was taken in Flores, the home of Yellow Catura, the exotic coffee of Flores. He travelled all over Indonesia to visit growers, tasting hundreds of different coffees in the process. All local coffee used by Epic Coffee are direct trade coffee. By trading with our farmers, we’re able to cut out the middle man to give the farmers a better price for their top quality beans.

To give more broad coffee selections for our coffee lovers community, we now broaden our coffee selections by importing specialty coffee all over the worlds, such as from Kenya and Honduras.

Coffee is Roasted in House

Our coffee is selected carefully, graded in our lab, purchased in micro lots, small batch artisan roasted to perfection by certified Q Grader and our master roaster, who is also the Founder, Aji, to bring you to a higher coffee experience.

We rigorously test and evaluate our roast profiles to ensure maximum extraction of the unique origin flavours inherent in each of our coffees.

Coffee is Delivered to you.

Once roasted, your coffee is packed and sent directly to your door.
The goal is to meet our customers satisfaction and to make specialty grade coffee available and reachable to every day coffee lovers.
Brew and Enjoy your Epic Coffee at Home

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